“It’s hard enough to be diagnosed with advanced melanoma and patients should have every possible chance on their side. I’m so pleased for what this approval means for newly diagnosed patients. This just gives more hope to patients in a disease area that only a decade ago had no hope at all.” Over 30,000 melanoma patients have been treated with Yervoy. Yervoy has been recognized for its innovation by being awarded the Prix Galien Canada 2013 Innovative Product Award and earlier this year was named as one of Canada’s top 10 new and emerging health technologies by the Canadian Network for Environmental Scanning in Health in its first “New and Emerging Health Technology Watch List.” Yervoy is the first approved treatment from the Bristol-Myers Squibb immuno-oncology pipeline. The company is committed to leading advances in immuno-oncology and continues to research Yervoy in multiple tumor types. About melanoma Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, accounting for 8% of cases of skin cancer in Canada but 70% of the deaths from the disease. Melanoma accounts for about 3% of all new cancer cases, placing it among the top 10 cancers diagnosed in Canada . An estimated 6,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma this year and 1,050 will die from it.

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The health law contains provisions aimed at curbing this piecemeal approach to coverage. States, however, continue to pass new mandates, but with a twist: Now theyre adding language to sidestep the health law, making it tougher than ever for consumers to know whether theyre covered or not. State coverage mandates vary widely. They may require coverage of broad categories of benefits, such as emergency services or maternity care, or of very specific benefits such as autism services, infertility treatment or cleft palate care. Some mandates require that certain types of providers services be covered, such as chiropractors. They may apply to all individual and group plans regulated by the state, or they may be more limited.

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It calls for tracking residents health for at least 10 years and conducting a baseline health survey at the outset. We dont want to wait 10 years to give the community information about their health, so were taking a phased approach, Castner said. The other study will look at whether benzene and other pollutants from the coking process have contaminated surface soil in and around the companys plant. Residents in the study area will be asked to give permission for volunteers to enter, sample and test soil from their property, said Joe Gardella, a University at Buffalo chemistry professor.

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MVP blamed its decision on two years of federal cuts to the Medicare Advantage program, totalling 12 percent, combined with the increasing cost of providing the services to an aging population. As laudable as these programs are, and they have many outstanding features, MVP can no longer afford to offer them. And we believe plan members seniors living on fixed incomes will not be able to afford the premiums we would have to charge for them, Denise V. Gonick, MVPs president and CEO said in a statement. The insurer held news conferences Tuesday in Rochester and Albany to announce the decision and this morning provided information on Western New York enrollment to The Buffalo News.

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SilverCloud Healths online solutions are available through healthcare providers, healthcare companies and public and private organizations. The solutions are designed to provide a highly engaging, personal, supportive, social and interactive experience for the user, with the population-based data needed by clinicians to support the movement toward outcomes-based compensation in the United States. The solutions fit easily into provider care paths, and extend service reach by six-fold while maintaining the standard of care associated with face-to-face therapies. About SilverCloud Health SilverCloud Health is a leading provider of online therapeutic solutions to support and promote positive behavior change and mental wellness. Our aim is to meet the key market need to increase reach, lower cost, and provide effective care. Weve spent over ten years researching and building SilverCloud.